I would rather Work…than nursing!

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I would rather work (insert any other job here) than nursing. Or maybe, I should have went to school for this or that? Have you ever had those thoughts? If you have your not alone. I have had many of conversations among nurses. We are sitting around the nurses station dreaming about selling seashells down by the seashore! I know I have, more so recently. One of the funniest conversations I ever had with my oldest son, was when I received a phone call in the car from an application I had put in, at a factory that molded plastic. He could not understand why I would go from nursing to “welding plastic”, ha! The funny thing is, I had several applications out at several different places! And none of them were nursing related, and actually kind of felt good. I was kind of like Tom Cruise in the movie, Jerry Maguire when he sings “Free Fallin” by Tom Petty!

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It was an awesome 5 minutes! Of course the reality hit of the major pay cut I was taking.  Money isn’t everything, but you do still have to pay the bills. So at one point I had worked out a plan, and would work basically three jobs to make up for the income I would lose being a nurse. All this just so I wouldn’t have to work a nursing job. Sounds absolutely flipping ridiculous doesn’t it. I would have never been home, and then completely stressed out just for different reasons. But when you’re upset and not thinking rationally, you start making wonky decisions. Of course my husband helped me to realize I was being a little silly, okay maybe A LOT silly! Also, after reflecting on why I was so upset with nursing in general, I realize I just needed a change. And I’m still in the process of discovering what that change is. Because I still have a passion for taking care of people. I love my clients! One thing I really like to do is teach. It’s something even in my non-nursing jobs that I loved to do. I’m always the one that would take ,or was asked to take, the new employees, and train them. And I really do love education, research, and the university setting. I should be starting my Master’s in Nursing Education (MSN), in September. I have prayed and prayed about what I should do. I know from an LPN, I was interested in nursing education. Now it’s time I make it a reality! What are some of the reasons you got discouraged? A few of mine were:

  • Short staffed
  • Unsupported
  • Large Patient assignments
  • Polices & charting taking away from patient care
  • Never getting breaks

We really need good nurses! And better yet, we need them to stay in this profession. So there are some things that need to be fixed. But in order to start fixing things, you have to acknowledge it’s a problem. And for far to long, it has just been looked at with blinders on. I hope that changes! These are a few of the issues I think that led me to thoughts of leaving the profession completely. Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comment section, that you might have had related to an area other than nursing you thought about working, or things on the job that just make you start questioning your life choices, ha!  God Bless and nurse on!

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All of the above has me questioning my decision to continue nursing. I’m an LPN and just recently told my husband that I don’t want to be a nurse anymore. I love my residents, but it’s so hard when you have so much to do that you only see them when you’re giving them their meds. It takes nearly 4-5 hours to get thru a morning med pass then it’s time to check blood sugars and start the 2nd med pass! Then the company thought it would be a great idea to start making us do full on assessments on… Read more »