Book review: The Nurses Guide to Blogging- Authors Brittney Wilson, BSN RN & Kati Kleber, BSN RN CCRN

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I recently just started getting my feet wet in the blogging world. What really inspired me to write a blog was seeing nurses like, The Nerdy Nurse (Brittney) and FreshRN (Katie), putting themselves out there! They are both valuable resources for beginning nurses and seasoned nurses. Personally, I wanted to start a blog, because I was dealing with the stress and effects of nurse burnout. I wanted to blog because I find writing therapeutic and hoped that by me sharing my experience, I could help others. When I launched my blog I quickly realized, there was way more to blogging than I thought! It is time-consuming and actually cost some money, gulp! I had already been reading some nursing blogs, but I was really wanting something that could help me with starting my own blog. Not just any blog, but nursing related! I found the book, The Nurses Guide to Blogging Building a Brand and a Profitable Business as a Nurse Influencer. I bet you can’t say that title three times fast, ha! All kidding aside it was everything I was looking for! I spent a considerable amount of time researching how to start a blog and everything in between, but this book really is the blueprint you need! The authors do the research for you and lay it all out in an easy to read, and reasonable 10 chapters! Below I will highlight some of the chapters and some of the takeaways I got from the book!

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*above is the picture of the book being reviewed by Authors Wilson & Kleber*


The Nursing Guide to Blogging points

  • I really enjoy how each of the authors writes about how they started their blog, along with the things that worked and didn’t work! It was really refreshing to see their stories and to see how they grew their business, and the time it took to do so!
  • The authors explain how blogs can be a great place for readers to learn about you and your passions! The book really goes into how nurses can influence health care and that is really cool!
  • I really like the chapter about finding your blogging niche. Before I didn’t really think about writing about a certain problem or finding a niche in blogging. This chapter also discusses the importance of an accountability partner!
  • The book goes into really great detail about your brand. This is important with blogging because you’re really starting a business! That was something that I had not really wrapped my head around until reading this book.



  • Something else I really never gave thought to, before this book, was Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is something I still struggle with, but The Nurses Guide to Blogging really helps to explain the in’s and out’s, in a language you can understand!
  • Chapter 5 has some great ideas on how to create the best content for your blogs, including some mistakes you might not know your making! I know I took quite a few pointers from this chapter!
  • Eventually, if you’re going to blog for the long haul, then monetization needs to be considered. The book goes into explaining more in detail how to do this, but not only that, it helps you not feel so guilty about it! As nurses, we want to help people, and we tend to feel guilty about things we need!
  • In the beginning, I was just on Facebook. Then I read this book and realized how important social media is for spreading your message! I had no clue how each social media presence like Twitter and Instagram, are used. This book really breaks several social media platforms down and explains how to use each platform correctly to grow your blog and get your message across.
  • Lastly, for me, Chapter 9 “practical considerations”, was the most helpful. It goes into more depth about organizing your blog business and the legal aspect of it.

The Nurses Guide to Blogging is a great book if you already have a blog or considering starting one. It is easy to read and I will be reading it again! I will be using it as a check list to make sure I get off to a good start. I am thankful for these two authors who helped pave the way for a whole new platform for nurses to educate and influence others in healthcare! I suggest picking yourself up a copy if you are at all considering blogging as a nurse. I think you will be pleased with the book and the information given by the authors!

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