My experience with a 36-hour water fast!

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*I would like to put this disclaimer here: I am not a doctor and I don’t even play one on TV, ha!. It is important when starting any major change in exercise and dieting you consult your doctor. There are always contradictions to any diet. With fasting it is not recommended when pregnant, Diabetes, or anorexia nervosa. Do your research and talk to your doctor! Below is just my experience and many people have been intrigued so I wanted to share*

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I have started a weight-loss journey that is well overdue. I’m approaching it differently this time. Instead of completely concentrating on the amount of weight I would like to lose. I am looking at it as part of taking care of myself. For those who followed my blog or read my blog post. You know that I am recovering from nurse burnout. I failed to take care of myself and just about quit nursing all together because of it. Part of me taking care of myself is eating healthier and exercising!

There were a couple of colleagues who told me they were currently on a fast and had good results with it. Instead of jumping right in I decided to do some research on the topic. Turns out it is something that can be very beneficial for your health if done correctly! I watched a documentary about fasting on amazon prime video called The Science of Fasting. It is free with your prime membership. This is fasting done in a medical setting in Germany. This documentary made me more interested in how I could do this myself. I read many articles and decided after prayer I would give it a try.

I decided to do a 36-hour fast over a weekend when I didn’t work. Some people have better luck if they do it during work days. This way it keeps them busy. I felt 36-hours would be too much fasting and then going to work. I stopped eating at 7 pm Friday night and broke my fast at 7 am Sunday morning. I only ate wheat toast with a little honey and it was delicious!

How I felt

The 36-hour fast really improved my mood. I think mostly because I conquered what I set out to do and it was exciting! That Saturday I spent time in prayer and the Bible. I didn’t worry about when to eat. I just drank water all day. I didn’t do anything too strenuous like a workout. I did housework and just went about my day. I went to bed that night worried I would not be able to sleep because I would be hungry. I hadn’t eaten anything in over 24-hours and my head was telling me more than my stomach to eat. I ended up going to bed and slept well.

Side Effects

If you are not a fan of TMI (too much information), you may want to skip ahead. I just want to be upfront and honest about everything my body experienced.

  • Stomach growling (although not as much as you would think)
  • Heartburn (it didn’t last very long and wasn’t bad)
  • Diarrhea (water poops)

This is really all the negative side effects I experienced. Watery diarrhea started at 5:30 in the morning and woke me up. I went to the bathroom A LOT. This worried me only because I was thinking, I am not eating and only drinking water! I don’t want my electrolytes to get off-balance! I read up on it and I truly believe this was my body detoxing. I started eating again that morning and it went away. I felt great the next day after it all stopped. The week that followed I started having more regular bowel movements and normal! Before my fast I continuously had loose stool and stomach cramps. They were all gone! Better yet my weigh in day, on Tuesday, I had weighed 3 pounds lighter!


After seeing I had lost 3 pounds I decided I wanted to do a 48-hour fast. I bought some electrolyte replacement in case I had any more side effects and planned for my fast. Honestly, I almost couldn’t wait to start I was excited. The days I didn’t fast I tried to manage my calorie intake but wasn’t super strict. Everyone’s results will be different. I have a crapload of weight to lose, so I can afford to have some weeks to lose a little more weight than normal. My goal this time is not I have to weigh this much, or I am fat! This just sets me up for failure. I want to be healthy and reduce my risk of heart disease. My father had a heart attack with triple bypass surgery. My brother died of cardiac arrest and my mother had a heart attack in her early 40’s. Everything that has happened over the last year has been a huge wake-up call. I decided I need to get healthy, so I can be there for my boys for as long as God wills it.

Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash

Below are some articles I recommend to get you start on your fasting research.

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