Grand opening, my Etsy store & More!

I absolutely love making my pins and duct tape creations. It has been so much fun, and a little escape. I took the plunge and opened up an Etsy store. My youngest son has even been influenced in a good way by this. He has started to make his own Halloween costume this year! He is my little artist. I also decided I am going to open a booth for my crafts at his schools fall festival in November. It is frightening! I am way out of my comfort zone! I figured I would try something small to get my feet wet. Maybe I could be a traveling vendor, ha! In all seriousness it is just something I truly enjoy. I hope you will stop by and look what I have created!

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My Etsy store is Https://!

I create under CFNCreations (CrispyFriedNurse creations….get it, ha!) I am running a special through October where you spend $15.00 or more then its free shipping! Etsy is also running a new customer deal, where you spend $30.00 on your first purchase, then you get $15.00 towards your next purchase. I think I will be looking at shops myself and get some homemade Christmas gifts! Of course my family can expect some of my creations to, muwhahahaha! Right now I am only shipping in the United States. If my shop grows then I will expand! Keep checking back I try to add things daily! Here are some of my pins and such! I will let you know how my fall festival booth goes, I am sure it will be interesting!

P.S the picture attached to this article is from my town. It was a beautiful sunset that day!

Everyone needs a hobby…even me!

I ran across an old sketch book I had, and started in 2000. I have everything in there from drawings, to poems, and a top 10 bucket list! I can check off 3 of those, so I have 7 more to go, not to shabby! After I read and looked at my drawings, I realized my last entry was from 2009! That means I went approximately 8 years with no further drawings, poems, or any type of expressions. I looked at the blank pages and realized, I need to take some of my own advice on burnout, and take up a hobby! I ended up staying up all night looking on Pinterest and you-tube for craft ideas. I remembered a recent trip to Atlanta where I drove 7 hours to see a Labyrinth exhibit at a Jim Henson Museum. What is Labyrinth your probably wondering? It is a movie, and freaking awesome one. Stick around and trust me, you will see I am obsessed with this movie! I wanted to buy some labyrinth pins online, and they cost anywhere from 10-30 dollars. I thought to myself, I could make that! So I got some supplies and started drawing, and brainstorming. Of course the kids caught wind and started placing their pin orders! It was a good trial and it worked! I really enjoy making pins! Like so much, when I ran out of supplies, my husband said I need to wait to buy more until I have steady checks coming in again. (Burned out remember, I have took some time off). Which I understand but, I decided to sell some things I just had sitting around to get more supplies! I know it might seem minor and when people say “You should get a hobby”, you start thinking of excuses why you don’t have time. But since I started my hobby I can already feel my mood change. I used to take long naps in the day if nothing was planned. Now I am hurrying up to get stuff done so I can make art! So long story short, I took my own advice, and advice I have ignored for 8 plus years, and I am thankful I did. As long as your hobby makes you happy (and is legal, ha!) do it!

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My husband thought it was silly at first, but was happy I was happy. And after the first few batches, he started putting in orders, Ha! I have some original designs that I plan on posting. Also, some more nursing related pins. Instead of being lost inside my head, or sleeping, I am creating! The sky is the limit! Until next time!