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I’m a wife, mother, christian, and nurse! I have been a nurse for 12 years! Started out as an LPN, at the young age of 23. Then received my associates RN, then my BSN. Shortly after that is when as a nursing professional, I experienced burnout, hence crispy fried! This is my story, if anything therapeutic for me to get it out, and to share a little humor!┬áThis is not intended to bash the nursing profession. In fact I still love nursing, we are just in a bad place right now, and I am trying to fix it! In the process of fixing burnout, I have found I love to make crafts! It is a hobby I really enjoy and a great stress reliever! I also enjoy writing and updating my blog! I have found myself on a spiritual journey of reflection. It has not been an easy mirror to look into, but much needed! I hope you come on this journey with me!