The Night Shift…

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I have returned to work, and I am back on night shift. Aside from the crazy sleep schedule, I really do enjoy night shift. There is always a certain quirkiness among us night shifters, and we just seem to all get along so well. It really works better for my work life. My home life, it can be a bear at times. My family wishes I were on day shift. Sometimes I feel like a zombie when we are out doing family things, especially if I have given up sleep to be with them. At this point in time, it is the best for me. Trying to manage stress levels, and continue on with my career in nursing, it’s best I stay were I am comfortable for now. I know when I start my new journey in nursing education I will have more of a daytime schedule. Honestly, I will miss the nights! There are only certain things that other night shift workers can under stand. I will list a few of the ones I know I deal with on the regular!

  • Everyone thinks your lazy, because you sleep till 3 pm. If I had a quarter for every time I heard, “but you slept all day!” I wouldn’t have to work anymore. I hear from my children, spouse, people who randomly call me. The people that call me are my favorite, because they are genuinely shocked I am still asleep! I can feel them judging me through the phone. I have had many of thoughts of scribbling down names and numbers, to call them at 1 to 2 am in the morning to act surprised also!

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  • In the summer time I feel like a vampire. I bought black out curtains for my bedroom, and I also bought a sleep mask. If my kids come in and open the curtain, I do let out a weird growling sound, and retreat under the covers, which they find hysterical! When I go out in the afternoon I have to wear sunglasses, or at the least my transition glasses, because the sun hurts my eyes! When it comes to going to the pool side we can always spot fellow night shifters by our pasty complexion.

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Any type of caffeine has become my best friend. I have never gotten into the energy drinks, but some night shifters swear by those! If I don’t get my caffeine it is not pretty! I have to have that little pick me up, so I can get started with my day. That is at work and at home!

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The weird hours of the night I go shopping is hilarious. I have gone grocery shopping at 3 am. It is great and scary! There are no lines and all the employees look so bored. It kind of puts me in mind of a movie, like ZombieLand, where it is the apocalypse, and no one is around. So I might have acted like this a time or two while shopping, don’t judge me! I wonder what the workers would think if I brought in a banjo!

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Anyway, it is good to be back. Just taking one day, one step at a time. When I start looking at the big picture I start to get anxious and panic. So, I try to stay in the here and now, at the moment! Goodnight, everyone! Nurse on!

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I did nights for four years. There were definite perks. And yeah, people never understood that working nights means that unlike anyone else, you get up, get things done at home, then also go to work for the remaining 12 hours! There is really no ‘chill’ time.


Yeah I think unless you have worked it, it’s really hard to understand!